Watching Movies at Home Rant

Watching Movies at Home Rant

Posted 2017-03-28 by Mina Keenanfollow

A cuppa, blanket and pillow at the ready (even if it's warm - comfort thing, you understand) and an empty house is the ideal scenario for my movie watching. Can be at any time of day or night. Empty house could mean everyone else is asleep.

Don't know about you, but if a movie doesn't grab me in the first five minutes, I'm on that 'stop' button quick as you like..

Ear, Ear
Tedious and contradictory dialogue puts me off, excessive swearing, overkill with noisy weaponry, screaming traffic and prolonged fight or action scenes. Also Glee type singing. Some voices are irksome.

I enjoy tuneful background music, and humourous sound effects.

Eye, Eye
Jiggly camera work and flashy, intermittent lights when overdone doesn't do much for me either. Also when too many heads and other body bits get chopped off.

I do love colour, and colour schemes that suit the times the movies are set in. I like to see fashions and buildings.

Personally not into Horror, over Fantasy and Zombie-ism.

If the storyline is good, I'll watch most anything - that's the most important thing...although I suppose it depends on one's mood at the time too.

Movies I think are excellent are few and far between, but that's why all these genres are wonderful. Something like excellence is subjective in this case, according to one's own preferences - thank goodness there are oodles to choose from.


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