Too Much Technology

Too Much Technology

Posted 2018-03-08 by Mina Keenanfollow

Too much technology is not good for you...but neither is anything else.

Some of my grandsons came over for the weekend. While I was cleaning up some digital imagery, the six year old was reading the text before it disappeared.

I had to grin at his ability. And poke my tongue out at his Mum.

Slightly off- topic here - but over the years we've been arguing the pros and cons about children being on computers/phones at our house.

You see, when they stay with me - I let them use computers. They love to watch walkthroughs and play games. I am ever present so I can hear and/or see if they are not on suitable sites - we are either in the same room or can all see each other.

We take breaks and hop about seeing what each other is doing - and talk.

They learn sooo much - Geek-like-Nan is a joke around here.

Grandad and their Mum - tell me off quite often (hehehe). I see nothing wrong in it when they've spent all week going to kindergarten and school, and playing and swimming etc, bla bla bla.

They come to mine, we get together and do our thing - and we even might stay up late - being the weekend and all.

Master Six had school interviews recently - and reads well above his level (his Mother informs me). I like to think computers helped also. The four year old understands now about letters and is always asking how to spell something - because of some certain game or something he wants to find on the computer.

A couple of months ago - I found three laptops that weren't going properly - for $60. I managed to get them right - added some RAM into a couple of them - put things the kids liked on them and handed them over. It is safe because there is no internet at theirs.

When they come over they can bring their machines over and I won't have to get off mine.

Anyway - back to the comics - I was jumping up and down inside because of the 'hard' words he was reading. He began suggesting ideas as I was writing text for the Santa comicbook articles.

Comic books are fun - I put some on their machines for them to look at over the coming week if they want to.

Interest and curiosity is ingrained into me and I love it when I can recognise it in someone else.


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