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Do you find it hard to choose a sport or recreational activity?

When we were young it was as if these activities had no cost. Through school we did weekly sport, like ice skating, rock climbing, canoeing, swimming and water sports.

As an adult we realize these activities can be quite pricey and hard to get to, discouraging our participation. Some of these costs include equipment hire, travel to a specific location, memberships to participate and additional costs.

Sky Diving $300
Kyaking $100
Skiing $100
Snowboarding $100
Surfing $100
Horse Riding $100

There are of course the free activities like running around a reserve or swimming in the ocean, but these still have associated costs like sports wear and travel.
Then there are the organised group fun runs and swimming comps which require a registration and fee.

As an adult I have found it very hard to achieve in the sporting arena. Time and effort is required and a level of commitment and dedication.

At Uni I regularly participated in Rock Climbing and White Water Rafting. Now I barely go to the beach. I would love to make it to the snow for snowboarding but finances hold me back.

Fitness activities like yoga and pilates are fantastic and these are what I now mostly enjoy doing. The cost of a class is increasing, so I do it from home with a DVD. Very cost effective.


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