Signs Spring Is Nearly Here

Signs Spring Is Nearly Here

Posted 2017-08-31 by Marie Vonowfollow

Many people say spring is their favourite season. Officially spring starts tomorrow but the signs of its approach have been evident for a couple of weeks. Some of these signs are positive events and others, well, not so much so.

Signs of spring's approach
  • Swallows are lining their mud nests with feathers
  • Summer clothes on display in the shops
  • Blossom on trees in gardens and in the street
  • Flowers in the garden
  • Sneezing
  • Blowflies

  • Swallows
    I love the swallows that have their nest under my verandah. The pair have been busy collecting small fluffy feathers and lining their nest ready for the eggs Mumma swallow will soon lay. Last year I enjoyed watching their babies peep out of the nest and then venture out, getting bigger and more independent each day. The swallows inspired me in my writing.

    Summer clothes
    There are still some winter clothes for sale, many on the 'Reduced' rack. Many of the items in the shops are short sleeved, reminding us we will soon by abandoning our coats and beanies.

    I noticed the first almond blossom in the middle of July. Since then more trees have come into blossom, pink as well as white. Very pretty.

    Flowers in the garden
    I have been enjoying picking bunches of calendulas, daisies and other flowers from my garden. They are displayed in vases (and other containers ) all over the house. It gives me joy to spot nasturtiums and pansies peeping out from among the weeds in the garden.

    There will be an increasing variety of flowers blooming in the garden over the next two or three months. I love Spring flowers .

    Some people are not so keen on the blossom and blooms of spring as they cause sneezing. Those who suffer allergies and hayfever may enjoy the look of the flowers but not the effect of pollen.

    A couple of days ago I noticed blowflies buzzing around, a sure sign spring is near. They sneak into the house any chance they get. Do I need to state blowflies annoy me?

    Yes, spring is close. Spring brings many joys and also a few negative aspects, but that's life.


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