School Fun Life

School Fun Life

Posted 2016-09-26 by Mina Keenanfollow
This cute wee ditty is adorable and I feel for youngsters who find school is not for them. The adult version could be applied to the workforce. Especially when you are in a job you're not happy with.

People spend more time (waking hours) at work than with their families. A big part of the day to be somewhere you don't like.

I have always thought play is a child's work. A time of discovery, creative purpose, consequence and problem solving.

Finland is one of the best when it comes to education in the West. Take a look at this:

It is a pity that many grown ups lose a sense of play and don't experience the joy they used to as youngsters.

How can we apply this principle to our own lives?
  • Find a space in your life you can make into fun time.
  • If not work, then spare time. A hobby, sport or more time with the family. Anything that makes you happy.
  • Try and change your attitude to see more good than bad.

  • Where do you think you could fit fun into your life?


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