May Your Heart Lead the Way

May Your Heart Lead the Way

Posted 2014-10-30 by pippa richfollow

We make choices everyday, minor or major.

Our career is a choice, our relationships are a choice, travel, health, leisure and business are all choices. Even what we ate for breakfast is a choice.

How do we know what to decide?

We learn how to make good choices.

Tuning into higher states of consciousness makes choice effortless.

This is achieved through daily practice, lean to channel your heart and connect to spirit.

You may believe in fate.

You may believe you control your own destiny.

Is destiny a choice?

We can't deny we're not the only one involved in determining our future. We are part of a community and our environment affects us and our lives.

May your heart lead the way.
Act upon passion and love.

Walk the path of greatness.
Overcome the obstacles.

Make positive choices.
Work together for a better future.


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