Making Time

Making Time

Posted 2014-09-10 by pippa richfollow

Technically there is only 24hrs in a day. But is it possible to make time?

Sure you can sleep less, work more or spend more time doing what you need too and less time doing what's bad for you. So does this mean we make time?

Personally I am attempting to study full time, work casually and run a business part time. I also am writing a second book and have a second hobby business.

So how do I make time? I prioritise, strategise and juggle. This often leaves me frustrated, confused and feeling like I haven't achieved anything.

If you make time for all the things you want to do you should feel as though you have achieved something. When you spend countless hours doing something you don't enjoy, isn't that a waste of time.

Throughout my life I have come across many people doing what they love and making a living from it.

We all should make some time for what we love, what we enjoy, what makes us happy.


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