Lucky Bamboo Plants from Cuttings

Lucky Bamboo Plants from Cuttings

Posted 2016-03-02 by Mina Keenanfollow

Save yourself some money and take cuttings from your Lucky Bamboo.

This plant was given to me about three years ago. Its been crying out for some tender, loving care. It has baby plants shooting from the stalks. Time to do something about it.

Unpot the plant and rinse off dirt, grime and dust.

Cut the stalks with baby plants straight across using a knife, secateurs or scissors.

Cut off the baby plants close to the stalk.

Close up of separated baby plant.

Strip off the lower leaves by pulling them down gently.

Place in water to stimulate root growth. I keep these on the kitchen windowsill, sunlight is a good thing - it will take a couple of weeks or so for the roots to form and grow.

Now you've got some new plants underway see what to do with the parent stalks .


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