It Takes a Village to Raise a Baby

It Takes a Village to Raise a Baby

Posted 2014-04-18 by Mina Keenanfollow

They say it takes a village to raise a baby - the older I get, the more I think this is true.

From my uneducated observances, it seems society separates us and expects us to live under conditions we are not meant to.

Sole parents go off and live by themselves here, old people there, sick people over there. Isolation.

Community has developed into a whitewashed, no responsibility, fake version of what it used to be.

These thoughts come to mind because soon I will be sharing the raising of a grandbaby.

Interaction with all kinds of people is so important to help us learn how to deal with everyday life - situations and people - and develop our own trains of thought. That means figuring out what we are going to accept and what we are not.

The way we live now gives us less (real) examples to be influenced by.

When families used to really live together, there were benefits of:
  • learning from the older people
  • development of family traditions
  • social skills - learning tolerance, waiting for turns at games etc in a wider sense than in nuclear families.
  • learning about the natural course of life and ways to cope

  • I'm going to be making my own village - it is time to get the bassinet set up, and get back to sanding the cot.


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