I Am Grateful I Am Not A Celebrity

I Am Grateful I Am Not A Celebrity

Posted 2017-03-10 by Marie Vonowfollow
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I remember when I was in primary school having to write a composition (short story) about being a princess for a day. I don't recall any details of what I wrote but I am sure it was full of how exciting it was to be rich, wear pretty clothes and have servants to do what I told them. I may have said it was great that people recognised me wherever I went. These days I am so grateful to not be a princess, movie star, pop star or any other form of celebrity.

Advantages of not being a celebrity
  • I can go out alone
  • It's Saturday morning and I feel like walking to the main street to have a cappuccino at my favourite cafe. I might even have a lovely piece of peanut butter cheesecake. I go, on my own, taking a few photos on the way.

    I don't need a body guard.

    The paparazzi don't mob me as I leave my house. I have my privacy.

  • I have freedom about what to wear
  • I can wear what I choose.There is no expectation that I will be dressed up in the latest fashion, my hair and makeup faultless.

    It doesn't matter if I wear the same outfit I put on the last time I went to the cafe.

    It doesn't matter if I wear the same dress as another woman. There will be no pictures in next week's gossip magazine comparing us, with comments about which of us is deemed to carry 'the look' better.

  • It is my choice where I go and how much time I spend there

  • My time isn't scheduled by some manager. I don't have to do stressful tours and keep up some crazy pace. If I feel I need some 'me time' I take it.

  • I am free to choose people to talk to
  • I don't have to pick the 'right' people to talk to and be seen with to further my career in show business or for political reasons.

    I don't have to worry that photos of me talking to the 'wrong people' or people 'on the other side' will appear in the media.

  • I have the freedom to make mistakes/trip up/gain weight without publicity
  • There will be no photos online or in a magazine of me with cheesecake on my chin and comments about how much weight I have gained since my last child/relationship breakdown/album/movie.

    There will be no video footage from someone's phone of me tripping over my shoelace and queries of whether I have a hangover.

  • I have the freedom to express my opinion
  • Nothing I say will be quoted in the media, or more likely misquoted or taken out of context.

  • I can choose what I do with my life
  • There will be no media coverage if I quit a job and go back to study.

    There will be no speculation in magazines if I decide to spend time at home instead of pursuing my career. Is she pregnant? (Okay I am a bit old for that now but when I was younger, the question could have been asked.)

    I have the freedom to experiment with different careers, courses of study and hobbies. There will be no pressure to do a 'comeback'.

  • My family and friends aren't in the spot light
  • No one follows members of my family around trying to get an embarrassing photo or an interview.

    Pictures of my family will not appear in the media with comments about the expectation they will follow in my footsteps.

    Whether I do or do not appear in public with members of my family is not newsworthy. I could have an argument or falling out with a friend and it wouldn't be all over the news.

    There are so many ordinary things I would not be free to do if I was some sort of celebrity. As an adult I am so grateful not to be a princess or celebrity of any sort. Sometimes I feel gratitude for what I don't have and what I am not.


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