How to Get Best Blinds to Give a Complete Makeover to your home

How to Get Best Blinds to Give a Complete Makeover to your home

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Confused about installing blinds or curtains in your windows? It is sometimes very difficult to choose certain things for decorating your house and this post aims at making things easier for the new owners of a house. You can also go through the post if you want to renovate your house to give it a glamorous makeover. Check out some of the tips we have jotted down here to make the whole process easier. One question that comes up when you go to buy curtains for your windows and doors is whether to buy curtains or take a step further and buy some blinds. Blinds are not curtains but they work as curtains. They are curtains made from slats or vanes which are joined together to form a continuous curtain which can be operated with either a cord or a remote. Modern blinds can be completely controlled by remotes and they possess a lot of facilities which are great for controlling them.

7 things that you should keep in mind while buying blinds:

1. The first thing that you should be deciding upon before buying is the width of the blinds. This is because it will vary greatly from the dining room to the living room to the bedroom. While the living room will never need total dimming of lights, the dining room needs to boast of a nice view into the garden while everyone eats, the bedroom will need complete darkness while everyone will go to sleep. These are the factors that will determine your choice. The ½ inch slat is popular as it gives the home a very contemporary aesthetics whereas if you want to go really wide go for 1 inch or 2 inches. As the 1-inch version is the cheapest to manufacture they are the least expensive amongst all.

2. After that you need to decide whether you want to place your blinds vertically or horizontally. Vertical blinds are great for very wide windows or glass doors and are stacked off to the sides if the door is opened. A modern apartment or house can go for vertical blinds made from aluminum to give it that contemporary touch.

3. Another choice you will have to make is how your blind raises and lowers. Will it be top-down, bottom-up or a combination of both? Privacy and light issues will be the determining factors in this decision.

4. The next thing that [Link you have to decide while choosing blinds is which type and color would suit your room and house]. If you want to make your blinds stand pout then choose a pop of color but of course, the general thing is to never choose a color for blinds as they are best off when left to themselves.

5. Blinds are made from both aluminum and wood. If you are choosing wooden blinds, then you are choosing a more expensive option compared to the aluminum ones. But they do provide a very organic feel to the house. You can also go for faux wooden blinds as they are more likely to provide with the glamour but won’t burn big holes in your pockets. Faux wood blinds are resistant to accumulation of moisture so they will last more.

6. Check to see that your blind is not imported from a country which has no regulations about lead content. This might harm your family in many ways.

7. Blinds are more useful than curtains though most of the time you need both. They are more useful in the sense that you can actually filter the quantity of light entering your room if you install blinds. The slats or vanes can be opened to let very little light filter through or they can be fully opened to get a great view of the surroundings and let light flood the room.


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