How Do You Choose the Memorial Headstones for The Cremation Ceremony

How Do You Choose the Memorial Headstones for The Cremation Ceremony

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When a family member or the nearest one passes away, it is very difficult to take the decision about cremation ceremony because during this time, you need to choose and install the memorable headstones which will carry the significant family tradition in the graveyard. You can also consult with the companies who can conduct these things for you and it is not necessary to fix and design your headstone before death, but it can provide a comfortable situation to your family when you already decide about the headstone previously. Headstones are markers, which are placed over the site of burial or next to it. They are also known as tombstone or gravestone and are also placed in cemeteries and graveyards.

They are basically placed to mark a grave or resting place of people. They can either be placed at the head of the grave or the foot of the grave. The memorial headstones can be built of different materials depending on the preference of people. Mostly, people use stones and metals to build them.

What Are the Materials Available for The Memorable Headstones?

  • People also choose wooden headstones which can easily be affected by harsh climate and you need to change it in future. Granite, marble, limestone and iron are the most popularly used materials used in making tombstone. There are some restrictions on the use of material because graves have to be maintained and some materials prevent grass cutting etc. You can also opt for another stone that could be associated with the memory of your beloved. But do remember that you should consider a material that is made too last.

  • Memorial headstones also bear inscriptions and epitaphs, which either praise the person or are religious quotes etc. People may also get them inscribed with their favorite quotes or details of their family line. In addition, the date of birth and death is also mentioned. Moreover, emblems are also placed on the gravestone to indicate something special or as a memorial. There are simple details like the name of your loved one mentioned on the stone along with their birth details and time they left the world. Also, you can embed a small poem here or even mention the beautiful roles they had undertaken as father/ mother, wife/ husband, etc.


    Shapes of Memorial Headstones

    People can also select the shape of their headstones. They may be semi circular, round, squared, point arched and gabled. Some people might use their own design as a tombstone. In this regards, you can also use some poem or quotation on the headstone which can keep your memorable days intact. Also you can use some different shapes for the headstones and engrave some flower patterns, designs and memorable quotes on the stone.

    Rituals Associated

    In most cultures the laying down process is all that is associated with the memorial headstones. However, in some groups, especially the Jewish, there is a ceremony called unveiling. In this ceremony, the families of the loved one come to the cemetery for a viewing of headstone and this is referred to as "headstone unveiling." This is a common tradition but not really a religious obligation. Some families prefer having this on the one-year anniversary of the loved one, while there are others who prefer to do it immediately after shiva. Then there are some who also do it post the 30-day mourning period, which is referred to as “shloshim.”

    It is not easy to handle the pain of a loved one going away, but [Link with these memorial headstones you can actually create a beautiful memory] and something to remember them by.


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