Guidelines For Buying A Treadmill In A Smart Way

Guidelines For Buying A Treadmill In A Smart Way

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Exercise is essential to stay fit and healthy. The amount of calories that you take in each day is balanced through exercise. A treadmill is the best equipment particularly for efficient straightforward aerobic workouts and is indeed a good choice for maintaining your fitness. Walking or jogging on treadmill enhances your muscle strength and endurance.

7 Smart Treadmill Buying Tips:

A treadmill will cost you some thousand dollars and you won’t wish to make this bulk investment with a wrong choice. Hence, before proceeding with the investment, you need to decide the features that you want to have with it. Adequate research is needed for finding the [Link treadmill] perfectly meeting your needs. This article aims at helping you out with the features that you need to check with the treadmill before investing in it.

1. Check the motor

If you are going with motorized treadmills, motor is the first thing that you need to take into concern. Fortunately, most of the treadmill brands assure you of good quality motors and usually ranges between 2.25 to 3.5 horsepower. The best buy is of 3.0 horsepower.

2. Running area

The length of the treadmill running area comes within the range of 55 to 60 inches while the width is usually of 20 inches. For those who are above 6 feet, it is suggested to go ahead with a treadmill running area of 60 inches. But, these days fitness consultants recommend the same for all.

3. Cushioning

Cushioning is an impressive feature that you now have with the modern treadmills. Though treadmills with this feature cost you a bit more but the same is fine indeed. For those who have joint troubles, cushioning is the apt measure to go with.


4. Inclination and speed

Usually treadmill speeds ranges between 10 to 12 miles per hour. And it is suggested for walkers to go with a treadmill speed of 10 miles per hour while 12 miles per hour for a sprinter. Along with speed, the inclination factor is also essential. Inclining your treadmill is a good idea for two reasons there is no resistance from the wind and the running surface is moving which doesn’t let you expend much of your energy. So make sure that your treadmill can be inclined to at least 1.5 to 4 degrees.

5. Folding criteria

Folding treadmills are of two types flat folding and upright folding. While the former folds to the ground flat can be easily stored under your bed, the latter needs to be stored vertically alongside the closet. Thus, depending upon the storage space available, you need to keep into concern the treadmill folding criteria.

6. Weight capacity

Usually the framework of branded treadmills is excellent but no warranty is given for the same.The higher weight it is able to carry, the better it is. Most of the treadmills available in the market come with a weight capacity of 250 pounds to 300 pounds.

7. Price

Last but not the least, price is one of the most important criteria when you make any purchase. You can easily avail cheap treadmill fitting your needs but the quality of the same might not be good enough. Again, always those treadmills that cost you high need not be the best ones. There are companies who charge higher for even mediocre quality. So be particular to conduct a research about the model before you proceed with the same.

Adhering to all these above mentioned 7 tips will help you to [link get the best quality treadmill fitting all your needs].


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