Go NowSee You Next Time

Go NowSee You Next Time

Posted 2017-03-17 by Mina Keenanfollow

Grandkids have just left. I have hurt my foot on a marble hiding in full view on the lounge floor.

There are unidentifiable bits of sticky on the dining room floor. The sink piled high with half drunk drinks and bowls that had dinner in them.

The wash house has a couple of piles of towels and miscellaneous clothing items found in strange places that I collect as I go about my business.

'No, don't tidy up' I said.
'You have so much to do. I can pot about and tidy up'

Some (half-hearted?) protestation from the mothers.

'You go' I say pushing them out the door.

I am quite shattered.

It is quiet. I have my space back. I am relieved and happy. Tidying up is a small price to pay to be in my quiet space. Have a cuppa and look about.

I remember how I moved about at break-neck speed when I was the Mum of little kids, getting as much done as I could in the shortest possible time.

I am glad that time is over for me. No responsibility... all gone. I am glad for the time I get to myself. Freedom.

Lucky alright...

I know that when things have been tidied up, put away, floors and dishes and washing done - I'll be wondering how everyone is and eagerly awaiting the next visit.


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