For the Love of Writing

Posted 2014-08-06 by pippa richfollow

One of my favourite things to do on a rainy day is write. Writing is a great creative outlet. Poetry is one of my favourite forms of writing. Where I live it rains randomly quite frequently, so I do a lot of writing.

When the only real cost involved is internet, electricity and stationary, its a great activity to get involved in. Enduring years of compulsory writing through schooling, primary, high school, college, Tafe and University has created strong writing habits.

With a wealth of accessible information, and being an educational experience, reading and writing is a great use of time.

You can write about anything.

Life, Love & Everything is my first publication. It took me 2 years of rainy days writing.

As the season keeps changing and the climate keeps raining, I keep writing. My second publication, still in progress is Symptomatic Addict .

When sunny days are best spent outdoors, the rainy days could be spent writing the next best seller!

Give it a go!


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