Finding More Me Time

Finding More Me Time

Posted 2014-03-10 by Mina Keenanfollow

Finding more "me" time can be really hard, especially if you are a stay at home mum. You just have to look at everything and find your own ways to make time for your self. There are may ways to find "more me time" but you must look into your daily life schedule and adapt that way.

You can stay up late or get up early. While everyone is sleeping there is plenty of time that you can take for yourself. Even if it is nothing more than thirty minutes. it is better than nothing. You can even walk outside and enjoy the fresh air while no one is around.

Take a nice relaxing bubble bath. Nothing is more relaxing than sitting back in a nice warm bath. Lock the door on your way in and get lost in the smell of the bubbles. No one will be able to bother you then. This is the perfect "me" time. No worries, leave them at the door on your way in and just enjoy the bath you have prepared for yourself.

If you like reading, there is nothing better than picking out a great book and getting lost in its words. You can take a book anywhere you want to. You can find a nice relaxing spot outside (maybe under a tree), sit back and relax while you endulge yourself in a great book. Some people like to read while taking that nice long bubble bath. Others would prefer the house to be quiet, dim lights, laying in their bed right before they go to sleep at night. However you enjoy reading, is your choice but there is plenty of me time to go around.

You can find me time all over the place. It all depends on the things that you are into. Your schedule plays a major role in that as well. I mentioned that before but you have to take it into consideration. If everyone gets up early, maybe staying up late is your best option.

Having that special "me" time is important to everyone. Everyone needs a break and a chance to just "get away" so to speak. So, remember to look for that few minutes you have alone and take full advantage of it.


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