Empty Nest

Empty Nest

Posted 2017-03-25 by Mina Keenanfollow

The kids seemed to all leave at once. It happened very quickly.

I cried for three months. I cooked way too much at mealtimes, as if everybody was still there, without even realising it.

It took a long time before I stopped buying 10 kg sacks of potatoes, and only bought what was needed.

You see, it was all about me. My purpose was gone. I was not needed anymore. I was not head honcho anymore.

Now I had no responsibilities, a new found freedom, unrecognised at first began to emerge. I have always crafted but now I had the luxury of time.

Meals happened when I was hungry not because someone had to go to work or had to be here or there at a certain time.

I could leave things lying around because I had no one to answer to, and could come and go as I pleased.

I get lots of visits and phone calls wanting recipes for childhood favourites. For advice for nappy rash and cleaning. For tips about strange rashes on grandchildren.

My purpose has shifted into another form. I am still needed. I am still head honcho.


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