Ecstatic Skydive

Posted 2014-08-05 by pippa richfollow

When I was 12yrs old I saw a show on TV with guys sky surfing. From that day on wards I wanted to go skydiving.

In 2008 I finally saved up enough to go through with my fantasy, I jumped out of a plane with a school mate. It was in Picton NSW, a rural area. Now I wish I had waited and gone over the coast, like at Port Macquarie or even St Kilda Beach. I lack the desire to do it all again.

The experience was absolutely amazing!

Free falling from 14 000ft the air pressure gave me ecstatic sensations in every cell of my body!

I'm not afraid of heights and I don't mind flying, no fear here.

My childhood dream to skydive came true, ticked off the bucket list. I have the DVD forever to remind me of my recklessness, fearlessness and courage.

Recently I heard that one of my old school mates became paralyzed from a skydiving accident.

I count my lucky stars.


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