Delicious Bacon and Cheese Hash Browns

Delicious Bacon and Cheese Hash Browns

Posted 2018-05-21 by Mina Keenanfollow

My elderly neighbour is a darling...she brings over baking.

She doesn't really like to cook meals though, reckons its a hassle for one...

At mine - I kind of feel the same because I like vegetables and have got a wee bit adventurous food-wise, trying things I haven't had before... so it's like I'm cooking for one.

So we do swaps on occasion...

One of the most popular writer ladies on HubGarden is a gal called Finy - she has a heap of lovely recipes that just suit my neighbour and me - lots of portions for one or two people...and for those who are really cooking for one - you could freeze the other portion.

Finy has recently started a blog of her own with some scrumptious yummy goodies that I am following...take a look at Finys Fabulous Foods and Finds

Each recipe is well explained with gorgeous step by step photos and wee tips and hints...and I am drooling and wanting to try new recipes...

The recipe that's got me this week is the Cheese and Bacon Hash Browns recipe...

On my list for tonight! It's achievable for a gal like me....


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