Corn for the Freezer

Corn for the Freezer

Posted 2018-03-07 by Mina Keenanfollow

If you don't grow your own corn grab yourself a heap of it when it is cheap. Your grocery bill will thank you.

People have certain ways of preserving corn for freezing or canning. I like to do things easy now.

Freezing Corn

After husking or shucking, boil corn for three minutes before cooling them in cold water. Cut and bag, then freeze.

Or you could throw them in the freezer, husks and all. (Yes, I've done this - I do have things to do like being on the computer).

Facts about Corn

  • Not only carrots are good for the eyes - corn is too

  • A vegetable when raw, but when dried (as popcorn is) - a grain.

  • Considered good for blood pressure

  • Rich in antitoxidants

  • Has fibre and protein value

  • Corn Husks

    For bit of fun, or if you are feeling creative use the husks to make corn husk dollies .


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