Brain Foods for Women

Brain Foods for Women

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Our brain is the control centre for our bodies. Without proper nutrition, we, as women cannot function properly, in our day to day lives. Brain foods will keep our focus sharp, give us stamina, increase our attention and concentration, and keep our memory strong. Incorporating seven basic foods into your daily diet will have you seeing optimal brain health in just one week!

Known as a fat rich food, avocados actually contain good fats that lower hypertension naturally. Hypertension has been shown to contribute to cognitive decline, but a quarter to half a cup of avocado daily, can help ward off the onset of dementia. Incorporate it into a smoothie, salad or stir fry for best results.

Not everyone’s all-time favourite; beans don’t need to be boring or yukky! Black beans are best, but white, kidney, lima and pinto beans are also good. Incorporating half a cup a day of beans into your lifestyle will help stabilize blood sugar and stop brain fatigue.

Reported to be a super food, blueberries have strong anti-oxidative properties that stop free radicals that lead to brain decline. Adding a cup full of blueberries; in your cereal, muffins, pancakes or baking can help increase memory function.

Dark Chocolate
It does contain caffeine, a natural stimulant, but dark chocolate also stimulates those feel good endorphins in our brains, and enhances our memory and focus. A small square or thirty calories of dark chocolate daily can reduce blood pressure and increase blood flow to the brain in just one week! Dark chocolate is truly a brain food!

Most of us love to indulge in fish and chips, but the saturated fat content is horrible to our arteries! Wild salmon, sardines and herring are all rich in Omega-3 fatty acids that have been shown to preserve memory and reduce depression! Incorporate two to three four ounce servings a week into your diet for best results.

Nuts and Seeds
Rich in Vitamin E, nuts and seeds have been shown to reduce cognitive decline. Anyone with high blood pressure should choose unsalted nuts or peanut butter.

Whole Grains
Known to stabilize blood sugar in the brain, reduce cravings, and sharpen our brains. Two to three slices of bread, and a half cup of whole grain cereal, oatmeal or brown rice, should be eaten daily.

Using these seven brain foods make it easy for busy working women, mom’s, grandmas and all women, to achieve optimal brain health. It need not be expensive, and you will start seeing results in just one week!


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