Body Language

Body Language

Posted 2017-03-10 by Mina Keenanfollow

Body language is amazing...

As we are social creatures, we find ways to communicate.

We all use it to varying degrees throughout our lives.

Watched some You Tube videos on the subject and was incredulous at what some experts were saying.

Some treated body language as though it were some holy grail secret. A thing only experts knew and they were very clever by giving us tidbits of information on it.

Maybe I'm just old and grumpy.

I reckon specialisation only 'really works' within a specific culture and adapted versions can be applied cross culturally.

You get those special people in life like Judges Judy and Rinder and my Aunt Jude who can tell the chaff from the wheat.

To me, the real experts are little kids,and grandparents.

Babies learn it inherently and instinctively. The rest learned through osmosis and life experience.

Some of us make our decisions on a combination of logic and gut feelings.

I think body language is less of a mystery than it is sometimes made out to be.


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