Being Valid at Home

Being Valid at Home

Posted 2014-03-11 by Mina Keenanfollow

How important is it for most women to feel like they are valid at home? Studies show that it is extremely important for a woman to feel they are needed at home and that their position with their family is valid. Naturally those who have a career out of the home tend to have the want to feel like they are valid in their family lives a lot more than the women that have careers being a "stay at home mum." Unfortunately less women are able to be stay at home moms these days with economy being what it has over the last few years. Most households require both parents to find employment leaving the kids to have a babysitter or to watch out for themselves until one or both parents are off of work. I feel it is very important for at least one of parent to be home when their children come home from school however that is not always possible.

I do believe on the other hand that it does give our kids independence and can teach them responsibility if they are required to complete certain tasks after school. the more time a woman is away from the home the less she can feel like shes needed. It's part of most women's nature to nurture and care for her family and to want her family to need her and lean on her for just about everything in and out of the home.

The home life can become very chaotic as well and it doesn't matter if you work in or out of the home at one point or another it can become too much for us to handle because our work as a mum and a wife is never finished.

In fact it can be overwhelming how needed we really can be but once the kids are all grown and gone we miss when we were valid at home!


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