Baby Steps Simple Success

Baby Steps Simple Success

Posted 2017-03-08 by Mina Keenanfollow

Two of my grandbabies recently learned to walk.

Watching them brought to mind how we can learn and take example from the little darlings.

I noticed the following:

  • Kept trying.
  • Got frustrated.
  • Had the tantrum.
  • Got hurt.
  • Had the cry that said I'm sick of hurting myself when I fall over.
  • Gave up for the moment.
  • Had a rest and recovered.
  • Kept going.

  • Why don't we have the same will? That same inherent drive.

    A lot of us give up at this point, whether through life experience or a change of direction. After all, in some circumstances you might need to find another way to go about things.

    If you want a positive result:
  • Identify it,
  • Prioritise it
  • Work out how to achieve it eg I need to balance right so I don't fall over.
  • Practice walking by the wall so I can lean on something while trying to remember not to curl my feet in strange ways so I can stay upright.
  • Rinse and repeat.

  • As with practice, after a while it becomes automatic and you can do it without really thinking on it.

    Sometimes simplification is the best thing. We can all learn from each other.


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