Winnie Harlow Difference Is Beautiful

Winnie Harlow Difference Is Beautiful

Posted 2014-05-16 by S.Cfollow
“Zebra”, “cow”, these were the nicknames given to Chantelle Brown-Young when she was a kid. The young Canadian model suffers from Vitiligo , a form of skin depigmentation. The 19-year-old woman decided to take revenge on life and benefit from her physical particularity.

Winnie Harlow , by her model name, got sick when she was four. This disease only touches 1% of the world population, mostly people with a dark skin. It starts around the face orifices (eyes, mouth and nose) and articulation zones (elbows and knees), and it spreads all over the body. No treatment has been found yet to heal this skin disorder.

Harlow used to be mocked and humiliated at school because of her physical appearance. Today, she wants to be a model and show the world that difference is also beautiful. Harlow will compete on "America’s Next Top Model" this season: “I want to be America’s next top model because it’s a lifelong dream,” she said in her pitch video. “I am the underdog and I want to prove that one can follow one’s dreams despite all the flaws and setbacks.”


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