8 Social Distancing Friendly Activities To Do At Home

8 Social Distancing Friendly Activities To Do At Home

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Here it is, April 2020 and due to COVID19 many people are spending more time at home than they are accustomed to. Some are alone and others live with family members. For some, being confined to home isn't too bad as it is providing a chance to slow down and spend time on hobbies. Others are bored and don't know what to do with themselves.

Now could be the time to try something new or try a different approach to something you have already dabbled in.

What activities can you do at home?
Some activities may not be possible because you need materials you can't access now due to store closure. Although items are often available online you may have to wait a while for packaging and delivery and some items may be sold out.

Those who haven't decluttered may be laughing now, if they can find what they need in one of those boxes in the shed.

1.Sewing Projects
Perhaps you have fabric and patterns tucked away that you have been meaning to use but you are always too busy. Now is the time. You might sew clothes for yourself or family. Perhaps you could make toys and novelties for your children to enjoy now. Alternatively you may keep them for later in the year to give as presents.

2. Add borders of fabric to your tea towels
If you fancy doing a bit of sewing but don't have a lot of fabric on hand or your skills are limited, you might like to add borders to towels or tea towels you already own. It will individualise your linen, give you practice using your sewing machine and use up odds and ends of fabric. Alternatively you could sew lace onto your towels to pretty them up.

3. Catch up on your reading
I have a number of books I have owned for years, maybe even a decade or two, that I have been meaning to read but never get around to. Perhaps I will have read them by the time social distancing finishes.

There are ebooks and magazines that can be borrowed online through my library. I have never bothered to find out how this is done but now might be the time for me to learn.

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4. Cook something different
I tend to stick to the same recipes because I find this quick and easy. The internet is full of all sorts of recipes. I found one for slow cooker savoury rice that appealed and tried it out last night. It was a winner.
With the extra time I now have I might try some recipes that take a bit longer to make.

5. Make jam or chutney
When I was younger I used to make jam, chutney, sauce and preserve fruit. I no longer have a preserving outfit but I could make some orange marmalade when the oranges on my tree ripen. I have also seen some interesting chutney recipes. The house will smell lovely when I get busy.

6. Bake bread
I have a bread maker which I don't use very often these days. Years ago I loved making a cheese and onion bread. Here the weather is getting cooler and the smell of bread baking lifts the spirits on a cold night. Bread and soup tastes yum, especially if both are homemade.

Bread can be made without a bread maker. If you don't have yeast you can find recipes for making bread without yeast. If you have children at home who want to help you bake you could try making bread in the shape of an animal such as a dinosaur.

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7. Bake biscuits
You may have some recipes on hand or you may need to look online. Some biscuits are quick to make and only require a few ingredients and others are more complicated.

If you have biscuit cutters you can make biscuits in different shapes. This is a fun activity to do with children and icing the biscuits gives them an extra something to do.

8. Exercise
After indulging in baking biscuits and bread which you have enjoyed eating whilst binge watching your favourite series you could be worrying about your weight. It is possible to exercise at home even if you don't have any gym equipment. There are plenty of youtube videos or perhaps you own exercise dvds you have never watched. You can make up your own program.

It may be difficult to motivate yourself to exercise regularly on your own or is that just me? Some find music encouages them to exercise. I find it easier if I do a few minutes of exercise here and there throughout the day rather than trying to do one longer session.

It's important to find things to do to avoid getting bored at home.


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