6 Upgrades For Your Luxury Car MercedesBenz

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Are you planning to sell off your luxury car? Don’t! Instead of selling your luxurious Mercedes-Benz, you can modify it and flaunt it on road. You can look for cool modifications and upgrades for your luxury car. From the interior to the exterior, you can make your old luxury car, as great as a brand new car. In fact, there are few modifications that you can DIY .

The modifications will not only be cool, they will surely make your luxury car look even more luxurious. Modifications like LED door sill scuff plate pedal will make several people turn back for one more look at your Mercedes-Benz.

Here are six upgrades for your luxury car – the Mercedes-Benz.

1. Mercedes Wheel Tire Valve Stem Caps
Got bored of seeing the same old black wheel tire valve stem caps? Get it changed into inexpensive cool looking silver caps. These caps have the Mercedes-Benz logo on it too.

You could also change the caps into anti-theft car wheel tire stem caps. These stem caps are available at a very reasonable and affordable price.

2. Upgrade The Mercedes Rims
You can upgrade your Mercedes wheel tires and rims to something completely new. There are several designs for the rims, including LED rims, designer strokes, etc.

AMG style rims are one of the popular rims on a Mercedes. After these rims are installed, the side profile just stands out. From a distance, you see five spoke rims but when you look closer you see another five spoke rims behind them.

3. Mercedes Exhaust Tip And Rear Diffusers
Rear diffusers are one of the popular modifications to the luxury car. The most preferred option is the carbon trim which is best known for its light weight and strong durability. After installing this, your car will look like a sports car from its rear.

Exhaust tips can be paired with the diffusers to enhance the look of your Mercedes-Benz. You can find stainless steel or black exhaust tips for any model of this luxury car.

4. Upgraded Android DVD GPS Navigation Command
You can upgrade the navigation system of your Mercedes-Benz with a 7-inch unit that runs on Android OS. This will also enable you to install any application from Google Play Store. Additionally, you will be able to use its awesome Google Maps Navigation.

This unit supports steering wheel control and plays DVD. It also provides a built-in Bluetooth hands-free calling. You can connect both Android and Apple smartphones with this unit. In addition to this, it has a built-in rear view camera option and can connect to any Wi-Fi network.

5. Upgraded Projector Headlights
In case you have a ten-year-old Mercedes-Benz car, upgrading its headlights are the best thing you can do. When your car starts getting old, the headlights start fading and becoming dull as well as foggy.

The headlight upgrade can actually project your car as if it has just been bought straight from the factory. There are several kinds of headlights to decide from. This includes the Halo projector headlights, LED headlights as well as black headlights.

6. Front Grill Upgrade And LED Illuminated Star Kit
The front grill can also be upgraded by installing a diamond studded front grill. It is the easiest part to install and will set your car apart from other luxury cars. You could also add a red accent to the front spoiler. This is best paired up with the grill upgrade.

Another very popular upgrade is the LED illuminated front emblem that makes the logo pop out at night. The shiny star Mercedes emblem can make anybody’s head turn when it hits the road. This is another upgrade that can be awesomely paired with the grill and the red front spoiler.

With age, your sweet luxury ride starts to become dull even if it performs really well. You can give life and brighten up your ride’s life with the above-mentioned modifications and upgrades. In addition to this, your luxury car will look brand new and really expensive. And only you know the secrets to these stylish and rich look upgrades.

Get ready to give your Mercedes-Benz a whole new look!


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