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Why Wash Your Hair with Non Sulfate Shampoo...

by trish (follow)
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Almost every man and woman desire to have good, thick and strong hair.The reason is because hair on the head transforms the very look and appearance of the person and enhances his/her appeal and personality. As a matter of fact, those having beautiful looking hair are favored upon by the others and can easily make friends without much difficulty.They can have immense confidence in themselves and be proud about their hair. On the other hand, those who are bald or getting bald do get concerned about this unfortunate situation and slowly become reserved as they become a laughing stock when among friends and colleagues.This is where non sulfate shampoo
can prove to be useful.

What is non sulfate shampoo walmart all about?
Sulfate free or non sulfate can be stated to be a term which could be easily seen at the local drugstores, blogs, sites, TV commercials, magazines, and other places.without sulfate shampoos is slowly becoming popular across the globe, especially among people who are eager to change their looks from worse to better and beyond. But the question that majority of the people who are interested to try out such products are eager to know is what does the term indicate actually and how this is associated with the regular lifestyle products! Knowing these answers can help the person to make the right decision.

Being aware of non sulfate shampoo for natural hair
Before using chemical free shampoo, there is a genuine need to know what sulfate is all about. It is regarded to be an ingredient that is used as an important item especially in the personal care products like toothpastes, shampoos, soaps and the like.When hair cleansers are concerned, the chemical substances like sulfates if used are stated to help in forming foam.

Some of the common types of sulfates that are generally found in the shampoos are SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulphate), ALS (Ammonia Laureth Sulphate), and SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate), etc. Even though, these substances claim to cleanse the hairs when used, they are known to affect adversely the quality of the fibers of the shampoo.Besides being responsible for making the hair strands to become dull and weak, they also tend to cause irritated and itchy scalp.

Who can use non sulfate shampoo brands?
Since sulfates are regarded to be harsh chemicals, they could possibly pose various problems to those suffering from sensitive skin.Such people can find Non sulfate shampoos the perfect solution to all their hair related issues.The sulfate based formulas are seen to strip away the moisture and oils from hairs, thereby resulting in dull and dry hair and at times, even causing issues like split ends.Therefore,if the locks are dry, then this type of hair cleanser can prove to be a real savior and an excellent solution to be used at any point of time.When paired along with chemical free conditioner, the person can enjoy deriving the very best results.

Conclusion: What everyone requires for long, strong and healthy hair is sulfate free shampoo and conditioners and enjoy getting that extra attention from the others.

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Interesting read, Trish. I've recently started using non-sulfate shampoos but found that they're very hard to lather up (to be expected I guess, because the sulfate is what causes the lather). Still trying to get used to this concept of no lather! I know it's meant to still clean, but have also found that you need to double wash with sulfate free, and if you're the type of person who tends to put a lot of product in their hair - gels, waxes, hairspray etc - beware! It might not remove everything, and leave some residue from product build up.
One thing people need to know about sulfites is that they are a derivative of Sulfa. This is one of the most unrealized allergen in the world. The thing is they are not just in shampoo or other body cleaners and soaps but they are prevalent in foods. They do not show as other allergies do. Yes they make you itch and you may break out but do you think you have arthritis or maybe Fibromyalgea? Then it is possible for you to be allergic to sulfites, sulfates and sulfonamides. They mimic a whole host health problems. If you have health problems search through your cleaners, shampoos, soaps, perfumes and most importantly the food in your kitchen cabinets. You may have a allergies to these additives.
Wow! That is so interesting. Thanks so much for the info xxx
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