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When Kids Grow Up

by Mina Keenan (follow)
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For new parents, the day that the kids finally grow up and leave will seem like the distant future. As such, when the day finally arrives, it can seem that much more surprising. After raising their children for eighteen years or more, many parents may feel a certain sense of emptiness when their roles as primary caregivers start to shift. It is normal to feel that way. Indeed, many parents all around the world feel the same way. Parents that learn the right coping mechanisms will be able to make the transition much more easily.

The parents of emerging adults should remember that young adulthood can be a difficult life stage for their children. Their children may be adults chronologically, but they may still need a certain level of emotional support as they finish college, enter the workforce, and start their first serious relationships. Today's young adults will be entering a particularly difficult economy. Parents that are worried about their relationships with their children changing should remember that difficult times can help bring families together in a new way. Parenthood does not completely end when one's children reach maturity, and parents should remember that their bonds with their children will continue.

One way or another, the parents of grown children can also cope with their situation by exploring other aspects of their lives in more detail. People that have always wanted to go back to school, start a new hobby, or travel will have more opportunities to pursue their goals after their children have left home. Even people that are excellent at time management will often have a difficult time balancing their childcare responsibilities with their other life goals. Children complete another stage of their lives when they reach adulthood. Their parents complete another life stage at the same time.

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