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Vinegar - Friend to Home and Wallet

by sophi (follow)
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a bottle of homebrand vinegar in a bathroom

White vinegar. Its quite a common household ingredient. We either love the tang of salt and vinegar chips, or we hate it. But whether or not you love the taste of vinegar, you will love it after you learn how much money you can save buy replacing some other common, and more expensive items in your household. My Mother had taught me these tricks over the years, and I have shared them with friends, who in turn, have been amazed by is diversity.

Ever had a blocked or stinky dishwasher?

And thought dang, now I have to call the serviceman! Well never fear ladies, for Vinegar is to the rescue! Where you normally, or are supposed to put your rinse aid, put some vinegar in, instead. You can do this while doing a normal load of dishes, but you can also do this with no dishes in the washer whatsoever. Sometimes for those of us who have a strong sense of taste might get a small lick of vinegar flavor on our dishes. Trust me, this makes your dish wash like new again. This one comes from Father, who is the service man you would normally call for these things.

Vinegar is also excellent for removing lime, calcium and other things that cause build up in your jug or shower.

Where I live, the water is full of lime, and we used to go through a jug every two years, becuase the lime coated the element, and ruined it beyond repair. That white crust has cost us probably thousands in jugs. However, pouring some vinegar into your jug will do the trick. Let it soak for a bit, and watch as the pesky lime chunks flow down the sink! You may want to boil the jug with clean water a few times after wards to rinse out the taste. The same trick works for shower heads. Tie a plastic bag around the shower head, full of vinegar, make sure that the head is actually submerged, and leave to soak for a few hours, and voila, original shower pressure restored!

On the topic of bathrooms, you can use vinegar to shine those taps, shower heads, anything that is made of stainless steel.

Just put some vinegar in an old spray and wipe bottle, and Bobs your uncle.

Fungal infections.

We all get them at some stage, whether its ringworm, athletes foot or the dreaded thrush. Vinegar is great to help sanitize your clothes, and stop the contagious infection spreading. A cup full in the washing machine that had already filled with water will do the trick. You can also apply it directly to ringworm, however, you may want to dilute it first, if you have sensitive skin.

Mould killer

If you have the pleasure of living in place that is rather damp, and you have more days that you wake up with wet windows than not, then you probably have issues with mould. Vinegar is great at killing mould. Soak a cloth or handi towel in pure vinegar, and either place it over the mould, or rub the vinegar into the mould. After a few hours, you may need a bit of elbow grease to get the mould totally off, but the vinegar will have killed it, and loosened it off nicely, depending on big the colony is.

Cleaning things such as windows and window stills with vinegar all the time, should stop it ever coming back.

Make those windows Transparent again!

Vinegar is also a great window cleaner! Using equal parts of water and vinegar will make your windows shine.

Natural insect repellant.

Now ladies, we are all familiar with the blood curdling cry that is unleashed when one comes upon a spider in the bedroom, or the Kitchen, or just anywhere they are not supposed to be. If you don't like pesticides, perhaps you don't want your children exposed to such chemical, or you donít want to actually kill the little frights, then take that spray and wipe and spray pure vinegar over surfaces where spiders normally come in - doorways, ceilings, and windows. It will help prevent mould at the same time! This should stop spiders coming into your room, the hate the taste of vinegar, and while does not kill them, causes them to go elsewhere.

Toilet Cleaner

And finally, do you remember the old baking soda and vinegar volcano small project? Take away volcano, and the red food colouring, and you have the perfect toilet cleaner!

The great thing about vinegar, is that is not poisonousness, we can eat it after all, so it is a greta, safe alternative to cleaning in your home, especially if you have young children. White vinegar can be picked up quite cheaply, the supermarkets home brand will do just fine. and a liter of vinegar is roughly a few dollars cheaper than a bottle of window cleaner Have you fallen in love with vinegar now, or do you have other uses for it that you would love to share? Let me know in the comments!

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