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The Term 'Plus Size'

by Kathryn (follow)
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When using the term 'plus size' in regards to modelling, fashion, women and body image, I'm sure you see the picture in your head of an overweight female. Putting the term 'plus size' on any woman who is over a size 8 is quite derogatory and doesn't make any sense especially when the majority of women in the world are a size 10-16. Is it wrong to suggest that we are the natural and normal sizes representing today's average woman? If so, then why are we not the ones being represented in the media?

I hate the fact I get called a plus size model, I just want to be called a model. In fact I want to be a model not just for personal gain or selfishness, a lot of people believe that if you want to become a model you obviously want to live a luxurious life with limo's, personal chauffeurs, private jets, getting invited to over priced events etc all because you stand in front of a camera representing usually an ugly piece of clothing that absolutely no one would wear.

The reason for me is because I have lived most of my life self consciously and scared of what other people think , I went through my teen's always believing my body was to big, I was to ugly and trying reject who I was because so much of the media told me that body image is the only thing that matters. I was bullied at school leaving me with emotional bruises that unfortunately will live with me for the rest of my life. I don't wan't that for other girls.

It scares me to think that I probably had it really easy, I can't imagine the kind of pressure that is now put on girls younger then 12. Whatever happened to having a childhood? Much of the media and lots of new brands target young girls as they know that its an easy market, what no one realises is they are making them grow up faster. No wonder we are seeing a rise in teen pregnancy's and eating disorders in girls as young as 8. This also comes down to how we portray women in the media. I'm over seeing women called 'role models' that do nothing for no one. why are they famous? what have they done to deserve all this attention? just look pretty? don't they realise the kind of image they portray to young girls?

Looking pretty is not enough for me anymore. Being smart, innovative, caring, generous and kind to others is just a few examples of what should really be portrayed. I want to let these type of women shine. I want girls to see this and believe in themselves and to teach boys that we are not an object of appearance but rather we deserve equality and respect. First we can not demand that if we keep letting ourselves believe that appearance is everything and what matters most is what others think of you.

How can we change media today, to represent real women? instead of accepting that we must be perfect for everyone to like us?

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Myself a thin woman and apparent ""beauty īdeal" , please know that you are judged even harsher by society whenever you enter a room anywhere.
The instant nullified silence in bathrooms, the hushed whispers at parties, the constant and immediate dismissal by other women are definitely NOT for the faint hearted and truly take a toll on ones self esteem..

As for dating, you are made aware in nanoseconds that your personality is simply tolerated in order to get to your body, which, when naked, is pulled apart in microscopic detail by the SAME MEN who proudly WEAR YOU as a trophy when are you clothed and standing next to them at VIP functions..
by HMS
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