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The Pleasure Of Doing Something Different

by Marie Vonow (follow)
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I often read doing something different is good for you. Although I tend to be a creature of habit I do get pleasure from doing something different from time to time. An activity doesn't have to be vastly different from my usual for me to get a pleasure boost.

I have been to this location numerous times but this was the first time I was there at 7am Image by Marie Vonow

Reasons to do something different
Whether it is doing something you frequently do but in a different way or trying a completely new activity there are numerous reasons to do so. These include -
Stops you getting into a rut or helps you get out of a rut if you are already in one
Can give you an opportunity to meet new people
Gives you something different and interesting to talk about
Boosts your creativity
Boosts your energy
Can lead to new opportunities
Gives you new ideas and makes you ask questions
Keeps your brain active and may help ward off dementia
Gives a different perspective
May help you see what you don't want
Makes life more interesting
Can increase your confidence
Encourages you to try something else

How different?
Some people need a lot of stimulation and change. They can't think of anything worse than a quiet Saturday night at home. They love the idea of skydiving and other extreme activities which give an adrenaline rush. I am not a member of that group.

There are those who consider their own country boring and crave overseas travel. They may want to do the unusual and get off the beaten track, rather than participate in the standard tourist activities. Me, well I am quite happy to wander around places quite close to home.

Lion Statue
I found plenty to look at in Melbourne Street North Adelaide when I was in the area to try out a cafe I had read about. Image by Marie Vonow

A few of the 'doing something different' activities I enjoy
Trying out a new cafe
It is tempting to go to a cafe I am familiar with where I know the coffee is hot and tastes great. Isn't it comforting to walk into a place where they know what you want before you speak?

I make the effort to read up on different cafes and try them out. Once there I enjoy checking out the decor, listening to the music if some is playing and perhaps trying a different type of coffee. Okay, I almost always ask for cappuccino but I tried an orange flavoured latte at one cafe and loved it. I should try a different coffee more often or perhaps go for chocolate.

Even if I don't like the venue I have tried out, at least I know from personal experience. I can give my opinion when talking to others rather than quoting comments from a review. There may be some aspects I did appreciate even if the overall experience wasn't great.

Eating out somewhere different
I don't eat out often so it is lots of fun when I do. Recently a friend and I went out to celebrate her birthday. I had read reviews about the place and most criticised the service for being slow. We didn't find it so and in fact asked the waitress for more time to consider our options before ordering.

The food was tasty and I was fascinated by the tables which were decorated with folk art. Attractive murals covered the walls and subdued lighting gave a nice atmosphere.

Visiting different locations
Within a couple of hours from home there are so many different places to explore. Although I spend a lot of time at home or nearby, I get a buzz out of wandering around unfamiliar territory. Perhaps I get so much pleasure from it because I don't do it all the time.

Some streets are filled with interesting smells from food being cooked in nearby restaurants. When I was a child one might smell bread, pies or pasties baking. Now there are mouth watering aromas from a wide variety of cultures.

In some places I see street art or sculptures. There may be statues or memorials commemorating an event, an individual or group from the past. Old buildings and museums are interesting. There may be shops full of quirky clothing, accessories or furnishings. Markets can provide plenty of interesting items to browse.

There can be all sorts of displays to look at when there is a festival or celebration in an area. My camera goes into overdrive.

Lion Statue
This was part of a display during the 2015 Barossa Valley Vintage Festival Image by Marie Vonow

Listening to different music
Usually I listen to my favourite music. I will listen to the same album repeatedly if it is something I particularly like. Fortunately I usually wear headphones so others don't have to suffer.

Sometimes I read about new talent in free newspapers I pick up in cafes and check artists out on YouTube.

I also enjoy listening to buskers, some of whom play alternative style music. I find some of the homemade instruments constructed by buskers fascinating.

Sometimes I find I need to make an effort to talk myself into trying something different. When a friend invites me to an activity out of my comfort zone my first reaction may be to refuse. However, I usually get something out of the experience, even if it is just a feeling of relief when I get home at the end of it. All in all I mostly enjoy the experience of doing something different and know my life is richer for participating in new activities.

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