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The Cost Of Saving Money

by Marie Vonow (follow)
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Saving Money
Image by Marie Vonow

I am pleased when I know I have saved money. Getting a bargain or finding a way of not needing to spend gives me a sense of satisfaction. I like reading hints about ways to save money. However, I don't adopt every tip I come across.

What do people mean when they talk of 'saving money'? For some it means watching the balance on their savings account steadily rise. They may be saving for something in particular like a holiday, car, house deposit or Christmas. Perhaps they are saving for a rainy day or because it makes them feel secure. In order to have money to put in that savings account they have to spend less than they earn.

Other people think of 'saving money' as being frugal so they can make ends meet. They may need to follow every money saving hint they can in order to do this. Everyone's financial situation is different.

Whatever the reason for wishing to save money there is plenty of information on ways to do so. At times I read hints which I decide I just don't want to follow. I am fortunate to be in a financial position now where I can make this choice.

We are told it is important to separate wants and needs in order to save money. Another consideration that comes to my mind is how much pleasure or joy will this bring me?

I have read how much I would save by foregoing that coffee in the cafe. It isn't a need. I can survive without it. In the course of the average week I would buy two or three cappacinnos.Sometimes I meet a friend for a catch up and at other times I enjoy a cuppa on my own. The price varies depending on the cafe and the size. Yes, I could save an average of $10 or more per week and that would add up to at least $520 a year.

However, I really enjoy a cappuccino out. It is fun to meet a friend at a cafe and it is sometimes more convenient than going to either person's home. I enjoy the treat and the atmosphere of a cafe.

When I am alone I may choose a cafe because of the friendliness of the person running it or the staff. I get to chat and have a laugh. This type of interaction makes me feel happy.

Some cafes are decorated in a quirky way. Others have great art work on the walls. There may be nice music playing and there may be a welcoming atmosphere.

A bonus in some cafes is the magazines or daily newspaper which I can read as I sip. I often jot information I read into my notebook for articles. The buzz of the cafe stimulates my creativity and I may come up with new ideas to write about.

I feel I get much more than a shot of caffeine when I pay for a coffee out. I have considered cutting out the cafe to save money but then decided the joy I get is well and truly worth the money. The cost in terms of what I feel I would be giving up is not worth the financial saving to me.

One money saving tip I came across was the suggestion that each family member use a hand towel instead of a bath towel/ bath sheet to dry themselves after their shower or bath. The tip then went on to explain you use less water and laundry detergent to wash hand towels than larger ones. This would be true but I would feel I was depriving myself of the comfort and enjoyment of using a nice big fluffy towel. The small saving just wouldn't seem worth the cost of the convenience and pleasure I was sacrificing.

There are many ways of saving a few cents here and a couple of dollars there. It all adds up but I feel the money I am spending on a cappuccino or that big fluffy towel which will need washing is worth it. These things make me happy. It is nice to have some treats and pleasures in life.

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Great read! Thanks.
Glad you enjoyed the article. At the moment I am reading a book (from the library, of course) called 'Save It. Easy Ways to Save Money' by Esta Hammond. It contains lots of hints that I will consider utilising in the future.
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