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Taking the Unfamiliar Path

by lynjo (follow)
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Pathway through hills

At times we find ourselves confronted with new opportunities, new ways to do things. We need to make a choice, a deliberate choice, to take the opportunity, to go down that path.

It can be easier to stay on the path we know - with the comfort of its safety, the security of knowing what will be, being comforted by familiarity. It might be better for us to take the unfamiliar path, face the unknown, test ourselves. See how we cope with finding new ways to see the world. With this new sight we find new ways, previously undiscovered by ourselves, but known to others. New paths can help us meet new people, interesting people, with their own stories of what life has brought them and what it all means to them.

We risk losing some of what we know. We may enter a world of richness and diversity we didn't know existed. We might find new interests, new ways to have fun, new ways to make meaning of our lives. It's hard to find new meaning when we keep doing the same things. Old meanings are reinforced and even if we try to resist them or challenge them we may not have an alternative way of seeing. The challenge might be to find a way to recognise what is most important from our old ways and integrate it into our new pathway.

It takes courage to take the unfamiliar path and it might take us a few attempts before we are ready for it. Or we might need to keep looking for the right unfamiliar path, the one we are ready for.

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