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Placing Boundaries

by lynjo (follow)
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The dragon is such a useful boundary marker. It is clear that it means business and its eyes are watching who ever goes below. At the time I saw London city's dragon I hadn't realised that it was marking the boundary of the city but it certainly did ensure that its presence was felt.

If only we all had dragons to help us to define and place boundaries around ourselves. An invisible dragon perhaps exists in all of us, warning us about the dangers of people and things. People and things we should keep away from. Aiming to keep them away from us to avoid any risk of harm. Maybe it's the feeling in the bit of our stomachs when danger lurks. Perhaps it's the hesitation when we start to speak or the stammer as the words don't come out as quickly as they might usually.

Boundaries are what help to keep us intact and safe. They protect our values and beliefs. They help us to enter into a new situation with caution, taking care of ourselves. Sometimes we let our boundaries down, let our guard down and feel like we've been stepped on, even violated. It can take time to recover from this. To find our inner dragon again, to rediscover who we are, what it is that we need and what is right for us.

When our inner dragon is present and we listen to it we can protect ourselves. We can have the courage to enter new situations but do so at our own pace and in ways that fit with our needs and way of seeing the world. We will not feel pressured or unsafe. We will instead feel strong and courageous.

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