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Mums Around the World

by lani. (follow)
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There are all kinds of mums: mums with secret ingredients for the perfect lasagne; mums who make you go and play outside; mums who know the art of a perfect cuddle; loud mums; quiet mums; tall mums; skinny mums; "you need fattening up" mums; "you're not wearing that are you?" mums; and millions of others. But what do all mums have in common?

They want what's best for you. Whether they do it by being your best friend or your worst enemy, your mum is always trying to guide you in the right direction. They may get it wrong sometimes and that's okay. Even mums are human. It is always from a place of caring.

They have a weird kind of ESP. My mum in particular has this with my sister and I: She knows when you're about to call and what you need. She had just opened her recipe book to ANZAC biscuits when my sister rang to ask what the ingredients were. And it makes sense, who could ever know better what you need at any given time than the woman who raised you?

A mum's arms are the comfiest and best at hugs. I don't know why there hasn't been scientific research into this phenomenon, but it's a known fact. For some reason even if you don't want a hug at that particular moment, after a few seconds your body relaxes and you instantly feel better because those arms are where you belong. They were your first resting place and they are where you return when the world has made you weary.

They are always with you. You know there is a little voice in the back of your head that sounds kind of like your mum that pipes up every now and then. Sometimes you try to ignore it because it is killing your fun, but you know it's your mum guiding you with all the morals and values she has instilled in you over the years. And even if your mum isn't with you in person anymore because you're miles apart or she has gone to a better place, she influences you everyday.

Mum's love you no matter what. My mum has something she says every now and then. "I love you, but I really don't like you right now." When I have done something I shouldn't have like leaving a mess in her normally immaculate kitchen or I've said something insensitive, mum will tell me that. And that's the thing: no matter what you do or who you become, there's some switch stuck in the on position in your mum's brain that prevents her from ever losing her love for you.

Today is Mother's Day in Australia and I wanted to take some time to recognize the ongoing influence that mothers have in our lives. It doesn't matter who you are or where you are from or whether your mother is still on this earth, she loves you and you are who you are because of her nurturing and caregiving.

And to my mum: I love you more than any little amateur article could ever say. You make me a better person, while I drive you crazy. Thank you!

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