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Learning to Appreciate Waiting

by lynjo (follow)
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Statute of man standing still

I seem to be waiting a lot lately Ė at the traffic lights, in the shop, for my coffee to be made, at the train station, for my lap top to start up Ė the list goes on. It is so annoying not to be able to just do what you want to do when you want to do it. It really tests my patience. Having things taking so long just makes me late and not able to do things as quickly as I should. Hang on a minute, what am I saying? How much more do I want to fit into my day? How much more could I possibly do. Perhaps itís time to think about waiting a little differently.

Of course itís going to take time for things to happen. People in the world are not just sitting there waiting for me to turn up so that they can make my coffee or serve me when I decide I do want to buy those new boots Iíve been watching for a while. There are other people driving their cars at the same time as me so of course the traffic lights are not going to change to suit me when I arrive at the intersection Ė Iím not the queen after all. This is such a logical way of seeing things Iím surprised I hadnít realized before.

Maybe waiting could even be good for me. Imagine if I didnít have the opportunity to sit still for a few moments while I wait for the lights to change, stand and notice the surroundings as Iím at the coffee shop or clothes shop and even feel the cold air lap against my face at the railway station. What sort of life would it be if I just rushed through life without having to wait? Would I be more efficient or would I rapidly burn myself out? I think the latter is most likely.
So, note to self, next time Iím forced to wait I will actually be grateful, I will appreciate the opportunity to take a breath, to slow myself down and notice what is going on around me. I will take notice of the sights and sounds and notice my own breathing. I will learn to see waiting as not a curse but in fact one of lifeís little luxuries.

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I can so relate to this but my attitude is a whole lot less kind than yours, lol. I guess I see time as 'mine' and valuable, and haven't thought about other people's time or process in general. Thanks for your article. Great read :)
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