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Jumping for Joy

by Cat E More (follow)
Cat E More www.catemore.com
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Happy tattooed on arm 'because I'm happy'

Have you ever contemplated what joy is for you or where it comes from? Do you hear all around you ‘it’s the little things’ yet don’t see it and waiting for ‘the real thing?’ Joy is very subjective and means different things to different people. How can you really jump for joy? You’re still craving that feeling, right?

Well here is the simple reality. If you are right on purpose, doing what you need to be doing you’ll be able to ‘jump’ easily and if you are not well you simply won’t reach that high. So what’s all this about ‘on purpose’ stuff?

‘On purpose’ simply refers to doing what you’re ‘meant to be doing’ at any given time. And how do you know what you’re ‘meant to be doing?’ Because whatever it is it feels right. In feeling I am referring to that nice feeling in your stomach (or gut) or heart. It’s a real relaxation and feeling; some call it following your intuition.

You’ve most probably experienced the feeling of being with the wrong person. A real unrest within either in your stomach or heart. It’s a real sense of ‘knowing’ it is not right. This is a feeling of not being ‘on purpose’ or in the ‘right place.’ And then you can most probably relate to being with the right person (if just right for the time) i.e. in the ‘right place at the right time.’ I’m guessing you felt relaxed and calm, when you felt this way about someone. This is a feeling of being 'on purpose.' Logically, you may even have forced the wrong guy to be right, even though your intuition was telling you a different story.

For many years, we have been told we need to think the answer, rather than feel it. However, many people are moving away from this traditional view. Intuition is starting to be seen as powerful; much more powerful than intellect which society has buzzed on for so long. To become in tune with your intuition, you it’s time to turn off the logic and the thoughts spinning round your head and listen to your heart (the feeling). Your mind sometimes plays tricks on you but your heart doesn’t lie.

Once you are where you ‘need to be’ in every sense of the word, you will free up space to jump for joy. You’ll feel great. The little things will bring about so much joy as you are really in line with where you need to be. That hot shower, the birds singing, flowers in nature. Everything will bring you joy because you are in the ‘right place.’ You will start to jump with joy!

So search hard. Look at your life and all it’s segments. What feels great and like you’re totally in ‘the right place?’ What parts are not feeling great but you just keep going because you ‘have to?’ It’s those bits that you need to focus on. There is always an alternative. We may feel stuck logically but that is our minds playing tricks on us; just stop thinking about it and start listening to that quiet, calm voice gently guiding you and follow it. You’ll be jumping for joy in no time!

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