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Joy and Laughter

by Mina Keenan (follow)
Chief Editor: www.CraftFound.com, www.DarlingShe.com, www.SelfAvenue.com & www.TrulyHeart.com. Blog: www.MinasJournal.blogspot.com
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Do you remember as a kid, fits of uncontainable laughter? Something caught your fancy - a type of humour or something you saw tickled your funny bone.

Having a giggling fit in church - naughty glee. Fraught with guilt, trying to stifle it - not succeeding and making it worse.

Have you ever laughed until you cried? Until it hurt? Once I laughed until there was no sound - doubled over, clutching stomach, tears, body still doing the 'shaking' laugh thing.

Have you ever looked at someone and both of you laugh your heads off, not knowing why you're laughing?

These are examples of pure, spontaneous joy. This kind of laughter can leave you feeling exhausted and exhilarated - with a chaser of feel good vibes afterwards...and later, when you think about it - it can still make you smile.

Six year old grandson came to stay, bedtime came around, and we were laying about talking before settling down.

Too lazy to go get a book for a bedtime story, we made one up, taking turns - a thought at a time. It involved family members and at one stage 'undies' got into the story.

Undies are very hilarious when you're six. The uncontrollable giggling fit I witnessed had me giggling alongside too. The pure joy on his face and raucous noise was priceless.

We knew his Mum wouldn't approve of that story - that made things even worse - the laughter got so loud and long that it filtered to the lounge and Grandad came to investigate. The story had to be repeated because of nosy Grandad and it had us all in fits.

Grandson fell asleep with a smile on his face, while Grandad and I were still talking.

Sharing laughter brings true joy.

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