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Goals, Daydreaming and Fun

by wendi (follow)
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“Set goals” we are told over and over, “Achieve” and “Focus on what you want”. All helpful, although there are just some people who don’t want to set goals, achieve or focus. They are quite happy cruising through life taking the opportunities or the calamities as they happen and riding the rollercoaster of life to its final destination.

I used to be like that but I’ve reached a point in my life where I know that I need to set goals and achieve them if I am going to enjoy a healthy, prosperous life in my retirement.

Initially I struggled with the boredom of this, and then got over myself. Sometimes you just have to DO IT!

It took a lot of effort to find the right way to set my goals and stay with them. I listened to all the success gurus and danced with the soul changers but didn’t find their goal-setting processes were right for me.

But then, I listened to my own intuition and asked what would work for me? And I found a formula that works. This is how I set my goals and achieve them. Its quick, easy and ME!

Every six months I put aside an hour or so to daydream (well I probably do this more than once every six months but I won’t go into details). That’s right, I do nothing but lie on my back with my favourite music playing (usually Van Morrison or Bruce Springsteen), somewhere close to nature and think of all the things I would like to experience that would make my life AMAZING!

The world cruise, the new car, the farm, and the new book I want to write, another cat I want to rescue from the SPCA or my own side business. And that new man in my life or a trip to the moon wouldn’t go amiss either!

I let all these desires pass through my head and I think about each one, what I would look like being in that situation, who I would be, how it would change my life.

Then when I’ve discarded the ones I don’t want, I write down all the things I do want. Maybe 50 to 100 new experiences, people or items I want to show up in my life in the next 6 months, although any long term goals are included as well. I sort them into short, medium and long term goals.

After that I follow the widely used SMART formula to make sense of my goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable/Achievable, Relevant, Timely:
My goal has to be Specific- Goal 1: “I want to attend a Bruce Springsteen concert”.

My goal has to be Measurable -Tracking the progress of my goal –For example 4 things have to happen to achieve this goal 1) I need to find out where the next Bruce Springsteen concert is 2) ask a friend if they want to go with me 3) buy a ticket to the concert 4) buy plane tickets and accommodation if I have to travel to see the concert.

My goal has to be Attainable/Achievable - Is this goal something I can achieve given my circumstances and lifestyle? Yes, I think a Bruce Springsteen concert would be attainable. Getting him to ask me up on stage to dance with him to Born to Run, maybe not so easy.

My goal has to be Relevant - Does it fit into my current scenario of goals? Is it something that will add benefit to my life? You bet your sweet ass this concert will add benefit to my life!

My goal has to be Timely –When can I complete this goal? What date will I give myself to have this goal realized? How many more tours can Bruce do before he hangs up that microphone and packs away the E-Street band? I had better achieve this goal in the next year.

Often when we get serious about a goal, and yes focus on it, events work in our favour to bring it about. For example, isn’t it fortuitous that Brucie is doing some concerts down under in 2017? See how it works? It’s so easy to set and achieve goals and all I did was daydream!

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