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Finding Joy in Unexpected Moments

by Sarah Bell (follow)
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I remember as a young girl some of the most joyful times I spent were in the garden making mud pies. At Grandma's house playing with my cousins. Eating chinese takeaway on Friday nights and watching movies.

Some people wait a lifetime to be happy. "I'll be happy when I find love" they say, "I'll be happy when my house is paid off" you will hear, "I'll be happy when I finish my next degree" some may whisper. But they never seem to let themselves enjoy the moment when it comes.

dandelion joy
Image courtesy of samarttiw/freedigitalphotos.net

Joy can come to us in moments completely unexpected. A fragrant rose. A dandelion blowing in the wind. A walk down a quiet street in winter. The whisper of the wind rustling through the trees. A certain smile. A baby's laugh. These and a million other moments can make up fragments of joy in our days, turning into weeks and months of pleasure, weaving their way through our years as we travel through our lives.

But we must be watchful. For these moments can be fleeting. Blink and you'll miss one. Look the other way for too long, and a year of pleasure dissapears into the laundry and the bills and the trials of living.

True joy is not something which can be bought in a bottle, although many promise it. It cannot be obtained through material means. It comes in the peace which accompanies a rested soul. Take some time out from the constant stiving of life and you just may discover some things already present in your life to be joyful about. Look around at the wonder that is instead of worrying about what hasn't come into being yet. And perhaps joy won't be elusive anymore.

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