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The HubGarden FAQ contains information general to all Hubgarden sites including Darling She.

Darling She FAQ

Darling She
Plagiarism and Copyright
Writing Your Article
How do I include a link in my article?
How do I include categories in my article?
Your Article
Personal Perspective Articles
Making Articles Easier to Read
Sourcing Images
Am I Paid for Publishing Articles?
How Do I Request Payment?
How do I insert a YouTube clip?
Guest Posts

Darling She

Darling She is all about lifestyle - a friendly, supportive place for YOUR voice on topics of concern or interest to women. Male perspective is welcome.

Writers must have a good command of English.

Home, family, health, beauty, parenting...most subject matter is fine but we do not accept articles of an explicit nature. Mature content will not be published.

We also encourage quirky fun type articles like quizzes and book/film reviews.

Darling She does not necessarily endorse the views or subject matter of author's articles. Information should not be viewed as definitively authoritative.

To Unsubscribe:
Go to HubGarden.com - Subscriptions (at the top of the page) - Select 'none'

DarlingShe.com is a sister site to
* Craft Found - free printables, colouring pages, simple craft
* Truly Heart - love, marriage, dating
* Self Avenue - self development, self help
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Plagiarism and Copyright

Plagiarism (copying another person's work in whole or in part) is not allowed at Darling She. All article submissions must be written in your own words.

Darling She retains copyright. You retain rights to ebook/print matter. You may rewrite your content for other digital places as long as it is not word-for-word.

We only require one image, and this will be your main thumbnail image. It is important to acknowledge the source.
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Writing Your Article

Once you've been accepted as a writer for 'Darling She ' sign in and press 'Share Article'

Write the title for your article, then press Submit

Start typing, pressing the 'Update' button frequently to save, so you won't lose your work.

Next add your images – you can submit up to 4 images at a time (up to 20 images per article)

Press 'Add Images'

Navigate to your image and select it.

Fill in the 'What is in the image?' field.

Press 'Submit' and you will be taken back to the article template.

Then insert [IMAGEX] into the body of the article – (x is the number of the image)

You can add a caption as shown: [IMAGEX caption] with a space after the image number then text and closing with the square bracket.

For bold text use asterisk symbols **text** (capital 8)

For italic text use percent symbols (capital 5) %%text%%

You can use bold and italic text together: %%**text**%%

Bullet points are made with an asterisk symbol * (capital 8)

Press update.

Press 'Notify Editor'. Please use this button only once per article to save clogging the Editor queue.

You will be notified by email when your article is published.

Helpful Video:Writing an Article

Helpful Video: Formatting an Article
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How do I include a link in my article?

To include a link in the text of your article use the following format:

[LINK www.thelinkurl.com The Link Text]

"The Link Text" will become the link that points to www.thelinkurl.com.

Links should be organic and limited to a maximum of three in most cases.
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How do I include categories in my article?

Categories are key words or tags you add at the end of your articles.

What is your article about? Look over your finished article and pick out the main areas, then reduce each of those areas to one or two words. These will be 'Categories'.

Any line in an article that starts with a "#" will be considered a category. Write in camel case -

For instance:

# Love
# Dating



If the category does not exist it will be created automatically when the article is published.
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Your Article

Submissions to 'Darling She' must be your own work.

Your articles maybe altered to fit the 'Darling She' format during Editorial process.

Submissions do not guarantee publication.

Your article must include at least one image.

More writing help here
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Personal Perspective Articles

When writing articles from a personal perspective, add a list of the 'lessons' learned from your piece or main points as another paragraph.

This adds value for readers and makes it about 'them' as well.

**Poetry, Short Story**

If you submit these use this format POEM Title or SHORT STORY Title

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Making Articles Easier to Read

Break up longer articles with Headings and/or line breaks to make for easier reading.
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Sourcing Images

Original images do not have to be credited - photos, drawings.

Copyright free images are available at the following places:

Morguefile.com free stock photos

Wikimedia Commons

Freerange Stock

Image After

Photo Rack


Free Digital Photos


Some of these sites require you to credit the photographer in your work and others don't - check the Terms & Conditions of each site you use.

If you are not sure whether or not to use an image - be safe - don't use it.

Helpful Video: Images

Helpful Video: Pixabay

Helpful Article: Ideas for Your Own Images
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Am I Paid for Publishing Articles?

Yes you are paid via PayPal for sharing your articles. Payment is in proportion to the number of people who read your articles.

The CPM (Clicks Per Month) value is the amount you will receive for every 1000 readers. You do not have to wait for an article to receive 1000 readers to be paid, it's just how the CPM value is expressed. Your account is adjusted each time someone reads one of your articles.

You can view your account balance on by clicking on "My Account".

See 'Awards' and 'What are Supporters?' in the FAQ for other ways to earn in addition to CPM.
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How Do I Request Payment?

To request payment first enter your payment information on your settings page.

Payments are made using PayPal, however Australian residents can also opt to be paid by bank transfer.

On the first of each month if your balance is over AU$50 an account is created and placed on your Accounts page.

Go to 'My Account'

Monthly Accounts highlighted in yellow.

Go to 'details'

Go to 'Request Payment'

Payment is then made on the 1st of the following month as long as the invoice is submitted on or before the 10th. This delay is to allow for the time it takes to receive payments from advertisers.

For instance your January account would be created and placed on your accounts page on the 1st of February. If you submitted an invoice before the 10th of Feb payment would be made on the 1st of March. If the invoice was submitted after the 10th of Feb, payment would be made on the 1st of April.

If your balance is less than $50 on the 1st of the month, then it will be carried over to the following month.

Maximum monthly payout at this stage is $75 - any balance carries over to the following month.

For those not living in Australia: On your settings page in the 'ABN' field type in 'Non Resident' to receive payments larger than $75

Helpful Article: Request Payment
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"I have logged into my account, and my articles have only made me 2 cents each. What's going on?"

After submitting an article for publication, many new writers are perplexed when they visit their account page the next day to see that they've only earned a few cents.

Because each article is paid in proportion to the number of people who have read it, it can take a while for earnings to accumulate.

The average article earns around $8 per year. That's only a couple of cents per day. Patience and persistence is the key.

Work on building up a library of articles that will keep attracting readers for months or years, and your readers and earnings will start to build up more quickly.
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How do I insert a YouTube clip?

The format is


Replace XXXXXXXXXX with the video ID, usually something like 62cQ1oTELgg. You can get this ID from the URL when viewing the video on YouTube, or from the embed link.
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Guest Posts

Guest posts should not be blatant. The article should be organic and in a style relevant to Darling She. Links to your website/s and/or blog/s are provisioned for in your profile.

Apply here to insert yourself into the system.

Submission does not guarantee publication.
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