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Faking A Hot Body

by zyana (follow)
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body image

Every woman wants a hot body and will most likely do all sorts of crazy things to get that shape. Of course, for women, body image trumps global warming and toxic cosmetics! From ridiculous fad diets, to fat-burning workouts to waist-cinching corsets, the list is virtually limitless. But hey, if you want some quick tricks for an instant approach to looking slim, try these.

Get yourself some shapewear
If you’re looking for a way to even out all those awkward bulges and fat coming out from almost every part of your body, and for a way to get a more smoothed and toned appearance, you should probably considering investing in some good quality shapewear some good quality shapewear. Stretchy briefs, boy shorts, camis or full-body pieces made out of spandex do wonder under your normal clothes to distribute excess fat more evenly while smoothing you out and holding you in. They instantly give you a much thinner appearance. Oh, be sure to pick the seamless options when you’re buying some for yourself.

Get a new bra
A lot of times women don’t realize it, but the reason why they don't look hot is because their boobs are… well… drooping down like half empty balloons. Yea, not a pretty sight. The good news is that this saggy boob syndrome can easily be dealt with if women just choose the right bra for themselves – you know, something that makes them look more plump! So the next time you go lingerie shopping, give shape and support a little more weightage over comfort and you’ll end up looking way hotter than before! Not to mention, having the right space between your waist and breasts adds a leaner appearance. That’s another reason why picking the right bra matters.

Butt lifting panties
Aah yes… more curves! You see, looking hot isn’t just about finding ways to hide excess fat on your body; it also involves loving and enhancing your feminine assets to make them look more attractive to the opposite gender – or the same if you fancy. So just as you would want to select the right bra to make your boobs more boobier, slipping on a butt lifting panty will help to make your butt look more firm and desirable. And even if it does end up looking a tad bit bigger than appropriately proportionate, there’s no harm; big butts are in these days.

Become best friends with a tailor
Now if you have a tailor who does some of your custom made stitching for you, or even a friend who’s good at the craft of crafting garments, tie a handcuff on their wrist and make them your best friend for the rest of your life. You have absolutely no idea how good a benefit it is to befriend someone who has mastered the art of pattern making! Now what this new best friend tailor of yours can do is that he or she can not only take proper body measurements for you, but can also suggest and sew cuts and patterns that are better suited for your body shape . You’ll know exactly what looks good on you and what makes you look hot. As a side perk, if you like a dress but can’t wear it because it’s too loose, guess what? Your tailor best friend can alter it to fit your body measurements. Now how’s that?

Improvise with your hair
What’s the first thing people notice about you? No, it’s not your feet; it’s your face. And let me share a little secret with you; If your face looks thinner, so will the rest of your body. This is in fact one of the best ways to trick people into thinking that you’re not as fat as you actually look. It works even better in pictures because that way people normally can’t see the rest of your body. So for example, if you’ve got a round baby face, avoid a haircut that adds more volume to your hair because you wouldn’t want to look any rounder. In fact, something straight would help you visually shed off a couple of extra pounds.

Select heels with a low-cut vamp
In case you don’t know what vamps are, they’re the portion of a shoe that cuts across your foot at the front. So the lower the cut, the longer your feet look. Consequently, you end up looking not just taller, but leaner as well especially when you’re wearing skirts and short dresses. And if you can find a pair that matches your skin tone, that’ll make your legs look even slimmer.
And lastly, work on your posture to keep your body erect and prevent your excess baggage from being all over the place!

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