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Embracing the New

by lynjo (follow)
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Every now and then it becomes time to embrace something new. You know when the time has come. Life has become a bit predictable, boring and time seems to pass without any sense of achievement or excitement. Negativity can begin to creep in and you can begin to question what it is you are doing and where you are heading with your life. It can affect your sleep. It can affect the way you speak and think. Your attitude can become negative and you start to become someone you don't recognise, even someone you don't want to become.

So it's with this recognition that I looked for something different and began a new job recently. This experience has brought back some energy, combined of course with a little nervousness but mostly lots of new interest in each day. Although some things are familiar and consistent with other work I've been involved with, new people and the new work environment made it different. Having people ask me about who am I and what I've been doing has been interesting and affirming. It's a change from being with people who know me so well there's no need to ask these questions anymore. Similarly, finding out about new people and exploring commonalities is fun. This novelty is energising and thrilling.

I've enjoyed the opportunity to explore new surroundings, test out the local coffee shops and find new buildings and parks that I haven't seen before. There's some shops around the corner yet undiscovered. Lunchtime takes on a whole new flavor when you have some discovering to do.

It takes some bravery to take on something new but by embracing it as an opportunity to continue to learn, meet new and interesting people, make new connections and test yourself in different environments, you get to know something more about yourself. If you stay with the safe and comfortable you risk missing out on this opportunity.

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