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Detoxing your mind

by Cat E More (follow)
Cat E More www.catemore.com
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This is me after a day in the office, which in my case is looking after my extremely active (almost) toddler. The mind is a fascinating place. It can be a golden retreat or it can be the worst hell imaginable.

I've been there in my mind: to hell and back. I'm no expert on detoxing your mind and nor is anyone. We are all here learning. I'm here learning like everyone.

The journey into the mind can be terrifying. The journey is ongoing and never ceases to amaze me. The hardest part is gaining the courage to begin. Once you've achieved that you're undoubtedly winning!

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In my journey here's the things that helped me detox my mind:

#1 get yourself a good therapist
By good I mean one you connect to and can be honest with. The style of therapy is important. For some psychology and learning coping mechanisms is the absolute bees knees. And for others, a space to talk about traumas, childhoods and the like is much more suitable. You may need to try a couple of therapists and styles until you find what your happy with.

#2 learn when to challenge thoughts and when to accept them
This is not an easy balance! The main therapies I share with clients (and use myself) are: CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy). Both aim to help people through difficulties with their thinking. The first is around challenging/changing our thoughts whereas the latter is about accepting our thoughts, whilst getting on with life. A therapist trained in both can help you with this. There's also an array of literature out there too.

#3 don't solely look for the positive in everything
This is such a myth and actually impossible! If you take this approach you will get very frustrated! The world is not wholly good and trying to view it like this is not accurate. Therapy is about looking at things in a balanced way: finding the grey between the black and white views of anything and everything.

#4 look for the positives in your life
In total contradiction to the above, it's important to look for and see the good around you. There is so much we take for granted and get caught up in the crazy world around us. Gratitude lists have helped me massively, especially during difficult periods. Even recognising things like; the sun, nature and being alive can help bring a sense of peace to a busy mind.

#5 spend time clearing your mind
This can help free up space. Meditate, mindfulness techniques and the like all have their place in detoxing the mind. We can feel our thoughts are us when really they are just thoughts. Creating space helps put things into perspective and calm the mind. A thought is just a thought.

#6 get things out of your head
Writing is a massive release for many, along with therapy. It's a means of getting it out of your head. Stopping the tape from going round and around. This is a good habit to get into! Daily or weekly or when needed, whatever works for you!

Detoxing the mind is such a big topic and can't be done quickly! During your detox, actually starting to be mindful of your thoughts and your head can be a great beginning to your journey. With the mind, it can feel overwhelming so it really is little by little. All the little actions really add up after a while!

Like what your reading? Come find me on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/Walking-With-Soul-417234504991680/) to follow my blog. And for the parents amongst you - https://www.facebook.com/intuitivecatemore/.

If you'd like some help in starting your detox you can also book an appointment to see me - www.walkingwithsoul.com. It's easier together.

Love, Cat X

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