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A Little Touch of France

by lynjo (follow)
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French room

I read an article this week criticising our interest in taking on characteristics of French women. The writer was encouraging us to appreciate our own style and not be caught up in what is seen to be something special about French women and their chic fashions. Although I agreed with what the writer was saying, I was reminded of my own interest in French home wares and my interest in images from Europe.

On thinking about why it is we are attracted to the appeal of other cultures I wondered whether it is the old saying that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence that helps explain it. We tend to undervalue our own abilities and take for granted what we have.There is a novelty about something new and we want to embrace that and incorporate into our lives. I can certainly understand that and feel like I have done that many times.

Perhaps there is something about other cultures that we find attractive and beneficial and that may very well be legitimate. After all, a successful multicultural society is based upon this premise, that we can embrace what other cultures offer and incorporate it into our own lives.

And the last thought I had was that the tall poppy syndrome that is so well known in Australia might be playing itself out. We tend to put down our own achievements and ways of doing things and highlight what others do. That may be part of the story but it doesn't explain why we find French fashion or way of life so fascinating.

Perhaps there's something special about French ways that's hard to explain. Perhaps we all have our different reasons for enjoying it. Some people might not even like it after all. I guess the free choice we have is what matters most of all.

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