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24 Things Iíve Learnt Before Turning 25

by jo_cab (follow)
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hope springs eternal.

Yes, Iíve officially reached the quarter-life stage. Hurrah. Hurrah. But before I traverse into another quarter of a lifetime, here are some random lessons Iíve unearthed and relished in the past few years. And hopefully, you'll find something that applies to you too!

1. Time, really flies fast and you realise thereís no stopping it. So itís better to make the most out of your day than to sit and complain about how bored you are.

2. A smile, or a simple greeting makes a lot of difference ó and it doesnít hurt to do it. Who knows if youíve just made a personís day a little bit better.

3. Be grateful to everyone who has done something for you; make it a point to thank them and let them know theyíre appreciated for their acts of kindness.

4. Date yourself once in a while. Itís a healthy way of seeing yourself in a different spectrum and helps you to reflect about life. Plus, it keeps you grounded.

5. Never say never. Youíd be surprised at yourself for caving in into doing things you thought youíd never ever do (or even consider doing) in your lifetime because chances are, you just might.

6. People do change. The person you were three or four years, heck, even one year ago, may not be the same person as you are today. Itís not a negative thing, itís actually a natural way of life and you must be open to it.

7. Find balance between work and life. To be focused on oneís career is important but one must also have an outlet to provide a certain mix of play, into the seriousness of life.

8. Own a pair of good olí sneakers. Itís the most comfortable shoes ever invented and will take you to places without hurting your feet.

9. Try something new once in a while. But do it out of your own accord not because somebody pushed you to do it. That way, you can only blame yourself afterwards. Right?

10. Travel at least once a year. To discover places, is a gift ó you know you owe it to yourself.

11. If you donít know something, ask. Donít embarrass yourself further.

12. Learn a new language. Itís one way to keep up with the world.

13. Itís good to remember peopleís names, they would be amazed if you do and theyíll be more receptive to you as well.

14. Always bring a pen; ideas come whenever they want to and they wonít stop for you, so be ready.

15. Watch the news and be updated with whatís happening around you.

16. If you canít say anything nice, keep it to yourself.

17. Know how to make a good cup of coffee or tea. Yes, it does make a difference.

18. True friends are a rarity, so make an effort to keep them.

19. If you know you canít commit, donít do it. Save your face.

20. Of course we know not to drink and drive. But also, donít drive if: 1. youíre hungry or 2. exhausted. Need I say more?

21. Tell your loved ones you appreciate and love them whenever you get the chance. We only live once, so why not?

22. Learn to distinguish good music. We know that music is food for the soul, what better way to nourish it with great finds?

23. Fruits and vegetables become a vital part of your diet, once you age and gain in body mass and accumulate all the sugar and cholesterol your body could fit into its own. And oh, yes, do squeeze in exercise into your busy schedule ó do this as a favour to your future self.

24. Past is past. Things happen, but the more important thing is to move forwards. Donít be too hard on yourself for the things you have no control over. Acceptance can be tough, but when you do, youíd see life much clearer and brighter than it ever has been.

Life, is what we make it --- we may encounter setbacks and obstacles but that doesn't mean we can't bounce back from them. We can always do better, and will, we shall. :)

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